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Feb 10, 2010

Image Cropping with ColdFusion & jQuery

ColdFusion 8 was an amazing release. The addition of the many image-related functions and cfImage tags certainly enhanced an already fantastic server-side language. They are fun to use, fun to write, and incredibly simple.

I wanted to have a quick play around with some front-end code to create a user-interface to...

Feb 8, 2010

monkehTweets ColdFusion Twitter CFC

Ive been having a lot of fun over the weekend developing my own ColdFusion CFC wrappers to interact with the Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) - yes, I'm a geek.

Introducing monkehTweets

monkehTweets is the (rather catchy, I think you'll agree) name of the CFC wrapper I have developed.

I must admit, I...

Jan 27, 2010

ColdFusion Builder Server Management

This is a post I've had stored in my blog drafts since ColdFusion Builder was first released in Beta. I apologise, I should have had it posted by now.

ColdFusion developers the world over have been asking Adobe for a ColdFusion specific IDE for...

Jan 19, 2010

Adobe Community Professional

I am incredibly excited and very happy to announce that I have been awarded the honour of becoming an Adobe Community Professional in ColdFusion.

Formerly known and recognised as an A.C.E (Adobe Community Expert), the name has been changed to A.C.P to ensure that the Adobe Certified Experts and Adobe Community...

Jan 15, 2010

80sFriday Demystified

What is 80sFriday?

This is a post for all people that may have heard of 80sFriday but may not know what it is.

The 80sFriday idea was originally concieved by my good friend James Allen, a fellow ColdFusion professional. During a conversation one Friday sometime last year (possibly...

Jan 14, 2010

Web Designer Magazine / AIR 2 Tutorial

With the welcome release of Adobe AIR 2 in beta, revised APIs and additional classes and features provide end users with an enhanced experience, whilst still giving developers a simple but extremely powerful way to develop feature-rich desktop applications.

Web Designer Magazine Issue 166...
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Dec 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from coldfumonkeh and!

Merry Christmas from coldfumonkeh and

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

Dec 21, 2009

ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 Upgrade Issues

This morning I upgraded my installation of ColdFusion Builder to use the new Beta 3 release.

Eclipse is my main development IDE. It's streamlined the way I work, and having the ability to switch between SVN management, Flex/AIR development, ColdFusion development and much more within the same IDE window is superb....

Dec 17, 2009

ColdFusion Builder Beta 3

This morning (17th December 2009) ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 was released on Adobe Labs.

New features in the updated Beta include:

  • Upgraded Standalone configuration - The Standalone configuration of ColdFusion Builder is upgraded to a later version of Eclipse - Eclipseâ„¢ 3.5.1
  • Code Assist for ColdFusion ORM...

Dec 3, 2009

Local SQL Server 2008 ColdFusion Datasource

This morning I finished installing SQL Server 2008 on my local machine for development.

Having set up the database, I hit a small issue when trying to add the database as a datasource within the ColdFusion administrator, receiving the following error:

Connection verification failed for data source: romixrDB
java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Error...