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ColdFusion Builder Beta 3

Dec 17, 2009

This morning (17th December 2009) ColdFusion Builder Beta 3 was released on Adobe Labs.

New features in the updated Beta include:

  • Upgraded Standalone configuration - The Standalone configuration of ColdFusion Builder is upgraded to a later version of Eclipse - Eclipse™ 3.5.1
  • Code Assist for ColdFusion ORM - ColdFusion Builder provides Code Assist for many ColdFusion ORM settings.
  • Enhanced SQL Editor - The SQL Editor now lets you execute SQL statements and display the results within the SQL Editor.
  • Extensions view - Use the Extensions view to install, uninstall, import, and reload extensions.
  • Support for ExtJS 3.0 libraries - You can now import ExtJS 3.0 libraries with samples.
  • AIR application development - ColdFusion Builder now supports AIR application development. You can create projects, run or debug, package, and sign the AIR application.
  • Optimizing ColdFusion Builder performance - The preference options that you select affect the performance of ColdFusion Builder. For faster editor performance, you can apply preset editor preferences.

All in all, an improved, faster version of an already fantastic IDE. Download your copy or view the release notes for more information on Beta 3.

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