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Web Designer Magazine / AIR 2 Tutorial

Jan 14, 2010

With the welcome release of Adobe AIR 2 in beta, revised APIs and additional classes and features provide end users with an enhanced experience, whilst still giving developers a simple but extremely powerful way to develop feature-rich desktop applications.

Web Designer Magazine Issue 166 January 2010

In the tutorial featured in the January(166) issue of Web Designer magazine, I'll guide through building an AIR 2 project from scratch, utilising the awesome new features available with the StorageVolumeInfo Class, and ending up with a file explorer application that detects the addition or removal of external drives, as well as highlighting some of the other fantastic new additions to the AIR 2 API.

AIR 2.0 File Explorer

The January issue of Web Designer magazine is out today (January 14th), so grab a copy and let me know what you think of the tutorial.

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