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Monkeh Video Live Stream

Oct 28, 2019

On Friday 25th October 2019 I broadcast the first live video stream for Monkeh Video.

My plan is to essentially have some fun on streaming media. Monkeh Video will cover presentations, code refactoring, tips and tricks, tutorials on certain frameworks and practices and some live coding exercises that some may find useful.

Monkeh Video is being simulcast on Twitch and YouTube at the following locations:



You can also view the stream direct from the monkehworks website here:

If you would like to subscribe to either one of these channels (or both, if you wish) to get notified when the stream goes live, please feel free to do so as it would be lovely to share some of the live coding with you all.

Twitch holds a video archive for a while before they disappear, but all streams will be available on YouTube in a custom playlist on my channel.

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