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The BIG Running Challenge

Jun 3, 2015

I used to run.

Ten years ago I was incredibly fit and athletic, active every day with either a long run, racquet sport or gym activity of some kind (often a combination of more than one a day).

Then I stopped. Work got in the way, life changed, habits changed, and I started smoking again.

December 2014 was a turning point. I completely quit the nicotine having been on e-cigarrettes for 4-5 months after stopping the real thing. I started running again, slowly. I had to learn to run again as it had been so long, easing into a 5km distance over a few weeks and getting over the initial pains and ills of starting to move at pace again.

The Challenge

Today (June 3rd) is National Running Day - although I think it’s safer to say it’s International Running Day as it is open to everyone everywhere. As such it feels apt to announce the following.

I have booked myself in to take part in the longest distance I have ever considered running - 100km.

That’s 62 miles in total - just under 2 1/2 marathons back to back - and I ideally need to finish it within 15 hours.

The challenge will start in London and end up in Brighton, taking us from the city to the coast through some urban track, across the countryside and over the South Downs.

I have until May 2016 to build up to the longer distances (something I am very actively working on now) and to mentally and physically prepare myself for what I’m sure will be a grueling, painful experience, but also one I am sure will feel incredibly rewarding too.

Two Targets

I have two main targets to reach as part of this challenge.

The first is to cross the finishing line, plain and simple.

It’s not a full out-and-out race. I don’t need to worry too much about the placement in the field; I DO need to worry about not being left out in an actual field somewhere with stomach or muscle cramps, exhaustion, over-heating, blisters, broken bones, sprained ankles or general fatigue. The challenge is to make it to the end. That is goal #1.

The second target is to raise as much money as I can for my chosen charity. This is where you can REALLY make a difference.

Your Help

I am taking part in this challenge to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, the leading UK care and research charity for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, their families and carers.

I have a minimum target of £450.00 to reach. This is a minimum and I would LOVE to smash through it and raise as much as I can.

I would REALLY appreciate it if every reader of this post was able to add a little to the pot. You will not only be helping a fantastic charity do some fantastic things but also fueling my passion and desire to succeed even more. Please, consider the next latte you may not actually need and perhaps drop a few ££ or $$ into the donation bucket instead. I promise I will be eternally grateful.

I am taking donations online via my JustGiving page for this event:

Please help where possible.

You can also follow my training progress on my RunKeeper profile should you wish to do so: I log most running activities there as it helps to keep me motivated.

I’ll be sure to post updates on progress as certain milestones are reached.

Thank you for your time and please consider a small donation.

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