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Pro Grunt.js by James Cryer - Out Now

Apr 15, 2015

Last year I tech-reviewed another book which was published a few weeks ago. It is close to my heart as it covers a technology and process about which I am incredibly passionate.

Introducing “Pro Grunt.js” written by James Cryer.

Pro Grunt.js by James Cryer

Master Grunt.js and optimize your workflow today

The book is broken into the following chapters:

  1. Introducing Grunt
  2. How to Use Grunt in Your Project
  3. Using Grunt with HTML and CSS
  4. Using Grunt with JavaScript
  5. Using Grunt with Images, SVG, and Icons
  6. Using Grunt for Testing and Local Development
  7. Optimizing Your Grunt Workflow

If you want to build up your knowledge of Grunt, associated workflows and see how tasks can be chained from the ground up this is a great resource. It’s detailed yet not too heavy or cumbersome in approach or style. Each chapter builds upon the last as a multi-task workflow is created, although you can easily pick and choose what to include in your process from each section.

James, you did a great job writing this. Congratulations. Should we ever meet we shall have beers / orange juice / beverage of your choice.

Book Details

Title: Pro Grunt.js

Author: James Cryer

Published by Apress

Published: 1st April 2015

ISBN13: 978-1-484200-14-8

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