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Web Designer Issue 229 Metalsmith Tutorial

Nov 14, 2014

Issue 229 of Web Designer magazine is now available in the shops, in which you will find the second installment of the Metalsmith static site tutorial written by myself and my good friend David Boyer.

This four-page tutorial continues from where we left off in part one, available in issue 228 of Web Designer magazine, and will guide you through extending your Metalsmith compilation script and process with custom functions and plugins to tap into the finer details of the file collections. We also show you how to implement the Grunt JavaScript task runner to manage not only your static asset files but also your underlying Node build process from one command in the terminal.

Get your copy now.

This is the third time I have collaborated with David on a magazine tutorial and he’s been amazing to work with, so I’d like to thank him here and now for his awesome hard work and we will definitely be back with more published content together.

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