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CFCamp 2014 Day Two

Oct 21, 2014

CFCamp 2014

Monkeh Works are at CFCamp in Munich and will be posting notes of sessions attended throughout the day.

Thanks to for organising this great event and for all of the sponsors for, well, sponsoring it.

Day 2

This is the brain dump from day two of the CFCamp conference and notes taken throughout the sessions attended. Notes from day one (20th October) are available to read here.

Make of them what you will.

Hidden Gems in ColdFusion 11 - Charlie Arehart

  • Not covering everything, just those things that don’t get much coverage
  • Docs:
    • These have more pages than you may think. Very detailed
  • Installation changes
    • Secure profile options added
    • Can be enabled / disabled later in CF Admin
    • pdfg (PDF generator) now installed as separate service and capable of being called remotely
  • Express edition
    • Available as .zip or EAR
    • development only - no production use
    • does not include SOLR, .NET integration, remote adminisatration or PDF generation by default
      • Can be added in manually if you want to
  • Admin enhancements
    • More than one login to CF Admin at any one time
    • Admin API:
      • setAllowConcurrentAdminLogin
      • isAllowConcurrantAdminLogin
    • Secure profile page showing admin settings before and after secure profile changes
  • file to change allowed IP addresses
  • Enterprise Manager
    • full control over sticky sessions OR replication OR both
  • Security
    • cflocation addToken attribute is false by default
    • adminAPI methods:
      • enableSecureProfile
      • disableSecureprofile
      • getAllSecureProfileSettingsInArray
    • cfmail now supports encrypted mail
    • Generatepbkdf2key function
    • cfhttp now supports authtype="ntlm"
  • Language enhancements
    • Too many to add here. Check out the docs!
    • Member functions
    • full cfscript parity with tags
    • customSerializer
  • Now in standard edition (no longer Enterprise only):
    • CAR archive files
    • security sandbox
    • web socket limit lifted
    • HTML5 charts
  • cfhttp adds host with port into header
    • you can override this by setting a cfhttpparam custom header value
  • Bugs?
  • past installers:

Best Practices are Best, Except When They’re Not - Nolan Erck

  • Dealing with clients (and legacy code)
    • draw a line in the sand
    • 80/20 rule (good, cheap or quick)
  • What is best practice?
    • best practices change often
  • good practices may be better than best practices
  • technical debt is a consideration
  • sometimes the work just has to get done

Event Gateways - Gert Franz

  • Additional communication tool, not necessarily over HTTP
  • Something that triggers an event
  • Listeners are executed upon an event
  • Examples:
    • Instant messages
    • IRC
    • Active MQ messenger
    • Directory watcher
    • Mail watcher
    • ANY custom CFML event gateway
  • How this works:
    • message generator
    • event gateway (Java or Railo)
    • event gateway services (CF or Railo)
    • listener CFC
  • Application types (in CF)
    • Listener apps
      • Listener CFC called hy gateway instance
      • Method specified in configuration is called
      • CFEvent structure passed as argument
    • Listener CFC
      • Contains methods for handling events
      • Option cfreturn response
  • Config gateway (in CF)
    • Create config file
    • Build CFC with appropriate methods etc
    • lots of settings (watched directory, recursion settings, intervals etc)
  • Problems with event gateways
    • complicated (overly so)
    • typically Java-based
  • Railo lets you write Event Gateways in Java or CFML
  • existing gateways in Railo:
    • Directory Watcher
    • Mail Watcher
  • easily managed through the Railo administrator

Get Grulping with JavaScript Task Runners - Matt Gifford

The BEST session ever. Mind you we would say that as it’s a Monkeh Works presentation.

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