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AngularJS Essentials Book Review

Oct 21, 2014

I received an e-book copy of this publication for review from Packt Publishing.

This is “AngularJS Essentials” written by Rodrigo Branas.

AngularJS Essentials

From the front cover:

Design and construct reusable, maintainable, and modular web applications with AngularJS

With 295 pages, the book is broken into the following chapters:

  1. Getting started with AngularJS
  2. Creating Reusable Components with Directives
  3. Data Handling
  4. Dependency Injection and Services
  5. Scope
  6. Modules
  7. Unit Testing
  8. Automating the Workflow

There is a lot of content within these chapters, and the book itself states that it is for anyone with a passion for web development, or anyone looking for a framework that could provide a reusable, maintainable and modular way to create applications and at the same time help increase your productivity and satisfaction.


This is a good book. It’s not too long, yet doesnt make you feel as if you’ve lost out on content. If you’re new to AngularJS or if you’ve played around with it a little but want to experiment with some of the features or expand your understanding, then this is for you.

It goes into some detail on each section and I especially found the dependency injection chapter full of content, including services and providers, caching, promises and asynchronous content.

Book Details

Title: AngularJS Essentials

Author: Rodrigo Branas

Published by Packt Publishing

Published: October 2014

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