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Kendo UI Grid Book Review

Sep 13, 2013

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of a new release from Packt Publishing to review, so here goes.

This is "Kendo UI Grid", authored by James R. Lamar, and deals specifically with the Grid controls available through the Kendo UI JavaScript framework.

Kendo UI Grid

The book is from Packt's relatively new "INSTANT" range, a micro publication that fills as much detail as it can within a small number of pages to act as a really useful resource without taking up to much shelf space or weighing down your bags.

42 pages in length, it's a very small lightweight publication, but dont let size be any judge of it's content or relevance. This is a really useful book and a great quick resource for anyone wanting to develop Grid applications using the Kendo UI framework.

The following is the excerpt from the front cover:

Learn an amazing JavaScript framework that will boost the look and function of your tabular data

The subjects covered in this book are broken into skill set levels like so:


  • See what Kendo UI Grids can do
  • How to change your theme
  • Using built-in sorting
  • Using built-in paging
  • Using built-in grouping
  • Using conditional JavaScript
  • Customizing and formatting column data
  • Filtering column data


  • Working with aggregates
  • Getting a handle on toolbar templates
  • Customizing grid rows


  • Creating a grid within a grid
  • Working with remote data
  • Batch editing
  • Inline editing
  • Working with user events
  • Advanced API example (tapping into the Kendo Grids API)

That is a lot of content to include within a book of this length, so it's certainly good value.


For 42 pages, the book contains a lot of code examples. Sometimes code formatting can be lost in translation when transferred to a print medium, but in this case the examples are clearly written and understandable.

Each section has a brief introduction explaining what will be covered and what file to open from the downloadable accompanying files, followed by the code content and finishing with a "what just happened" excerpt explaining the code and any underlying API implementations to the reader.

If Grid UI development is something that you have to deal with or want to deal with for your development projects, this is the book for you, certainly if you will be using the Kendo UI framework.

Book Details

Title: Kendo UI Grid

Author: James R. Lamar

Published by Packt Publishing

Published: July 2013

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