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Speaking at cf.Objective() 2013

Jan 10, 2013

I'm happy to say that I'll be speaking at cf.Objective() 2013 this year on two sessions.

This will be my second year speaking at (and attending) cf.Objective(). Last year was amazing, and the only conference I've attended where I wished I was in five rooms at once. Perhaps this year I'll perfect cloning and attend all of the sessions simultaneously as this year looks as though it's going to be another great event packed with really interesting sessions.

Here's what you can expect from me:

HTML Templating with Mustache.js

Working with and building HTML strings and content in a JavaScript context can be cumbersome and hard to manage.

In this session we will explore Mustache.js, a JavaScript library that provides developers with the ability to generate full HTML content using custom templates.

We will see what features and dynamic functions are available to use through the library, how we can read dynamic content from a remote source and output / display it using templates, and how we can combine the library with other JS libraries including jQuery to enhance our existing applications. We will also explore alternative JS templating solutions that are available for use.

HTML and JS are the backbone of the modern web, so let's all grab our Mustaches and see how we can change our web pages one fuzzy-lipped template at a time.

What will be covered and what you will walk away with:

  • an understanding of what the Mustache.js library is
  • how to implement dynamic data (JSON) into the templates
  • how to create custom functions within the Mustache code to enhance the output
  • what other templating libraries are available to use

Automating PhoneGap Build

The PhoneGap build service provides developers with a simple yet powerful way to manage and build their applications for all platforms.

In this session we will explore the PhoneGap Build API to show how it can be used to enhance a developer's workflow and can be tied into tools such as ANT for instant management of code. Build your mobile apps through the service with a few simple clicks using the API.

What will be covered and what you will walk away with:

  • an understanding of what PhoneGap is (a general coverage)
  • an understanding of what the PhoneGap Build service does
  • how to provide mobile application code to the Build service
  • a brief introduction to the config.xml file
  • a brief introduction to the PhoneGap Build API
  • creating a workflow from within ColdFusion Builder / Eclipse using ANT to submit code to the PhoneGap Build service
  • running an automatic pull request to the PhoneGap Build service after a Git commit (to Github, although it will apply to any Git repository that exposes web commit hooks)

Whether you're attending, speaking, sponsoring or unable to come, show your support for this conference and add a promotional banner or badge to your blog or site, available here.

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