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Going Social with APIs - Web Designer Magazine Issue 190

Nov 22, 2011

Issue 190 of Web Designer magazine is now available in the shops, and the main feature co-written by me discusses social networking APIs and how to integrate them into your sites or applications.

Web Designer Issue 190

In the article I show you how to utilise and implement Twitter services including web intents and the @Anywhere service. I also cover Google+, what is available to use within the actual social network, the benefit and use of the +1 button and creating custom hangouts using the API.

Pete Simmons covers Facebook, the Like button and implementing FBML into applications.

Big thanks to the editorial team at Web Designer and Imagine Publishing, and if you haven't got your copy yet, issue 190 is on sale now!

For a full list of all publications I have contributed to or written to date, please visit the publications page.

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