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I'm speaking at Adobe MAX 2011

Jun 21, 2011

Now that the session is officially listed on the MAX scheduler, I can now proudly announce that I will be speaking at Adobe MAX 2011 in October.

The session itself is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) lab session titled "Mobile Apps from 0 to 90: Powered by ColdFusion". Here's what you can expect from the lab:

In this 90 minute lab, you'll use Adobe Flash Builder to develop a mobile application from the ground up, compiling it as an Adobe AIR app. Learn how to create and push views, add a tabbed menu interface, and call and manage remote data from a ColdFusion web server. You'll also debug and deploy the final application to your mobile Android device.

I'm really excited to be back again this year and sharing some of the Flash Builder / AIR / mobile / ColdFusion love. Time to charge the laptops, prepare the coffee and get ready to start building awesome mobile applications!

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