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Future of Web Design 2011 - Adobe CS 5.5 Prize Winner

May 19, 2011

At my Future of Web Design presentation in London on Tuesday 17th May, I asked attendees to tweet using the hashtag #DarwinDev to be in with a chance of winning something special.

I ran out of time after the presentation to select the results live on stage, and so instead I ran the random winner generator shortly afterwards. I created a screen recording of the selection process as proof of the final winner, which you can see below.

The prize, donated by the fantastic Community Team at Adobe, is a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium.

For those wondering how the selection was made, I used the same code posted here (with a small tweak to change the hashtag) to randomly pick the winners for the HTML5 book giveaway competition I held last year. A nice mix of HTML5's local storage capabilities, some nifty javascript and the use of the Twitter search API.

The Winner Is...

[hdplay id=8 ]


So, big congratulations to the winner! You receive a copy of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium, courtesy of Adobe.

Use it to fuel your creativity and continue doing what web developers and designers do best: build eye-catching, user-integrating, eye-popping applications and visuals.

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