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Presentation on Thursday - OAuth: demystified (hopefully)

Apr 12, 2011

I am giving my presentation "OAuth: demystified (hopefully)" through the online ColdFusion Meetup user group this Thursday, April 14th at 12 EST.

This presentation is a mild reworking of the same presentation I gave at Scotch on the Rocks 2011. There is no code on show and no live typing (which means no live spelling mistakes), hopefully resulting in a presentation that will also translate well through the audio version of the final recording for any who prefer to listen and not watch.

In this presentation, I'll go through the basics of OAuth in an attempt to help clarify the often cloudy perception of the authentication protocol that is being used by so many providers worldwide.

As the presentation is online, anyone with 60 minutes and a pair of headphones can attend and listen to my sultry tones as I wax lyrical about important 'stuff'.

Event Details

The event page can be found here for full information:

Here is the permatime link for the event to assist with timezones:

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