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Web Designer Magazine - Build an Android Application Using Adobe Flash Builder

Feb 7, 2011

Mobile application development and the creation of apps for multi-screen formats is certainly an area of web development which is proving to be almost a necessity to learn. Clients will want not only an amazing web site, but also now (thanks to the constant release of ever-evolving smartphones and tablet devices) a functioning mobile application to accompany and enhance their user's experience and to further embellish their brand's awareness.

This could involve a very steep learning curve for some developers as they possibly struggle to pick up a new language and get to grips with new programming tools to develop such an application.

With the latest release of Adobe's Flash Builder, codenamed "Burrito", we are now able to develop applications for an Android device using familiar software and languages including ActionScript, and deploy as an AIR application.

In the first part of a two-part tutorial beginning in the February (180) issue of Web Designer magazine, I guide you through creating your first mobile application using Flash Builder, and the simple but powerful process of reading in dynamic data and content from a ColdFusion server.

Use Adobe Flash Builder to develop an AIR-based application for Android devices

Issue number 180 of Web Designer magazine is out now, so make sure you grab a copy and see for yourself how easy and fun it can be to create a dynamic mobile application.

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