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Hertfordshire Adobe User Group

Dec 7, 2010

I am incredibly proud to announce the creation of the Hertfordshire Adobe User Group, a group for designers and developers within Hertfordshire, UK.

The group is based in St. Albans and will cover all Adobe products, with focus on the Flash platform (ColdFusion, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, Flash and AIR) and designer tools (Photoshop, Fireworks). It is open to designers and developers alike, and it welcomes anyone who wishes to join in to chat about what is going on in the industry and where the web is heading.

The primary aim of the group meetings will be to share ideas, knowledge, information, techniques and experiences using Adobe products and technologies.

I'm hoping it will be a fantastic way to meet like-minded developers and designers within the community for networking, collaboration and education.

Open to all skill levels, I look forward to welcoming anyone wishing to join the group.

For more information, check out the Hertfordshire Adobe User Group page and sign up!

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