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Moving to ColdFusion Builder

Sep 13, 2010

Shiny and New

This morning see's the relaunch of the Adobe Developer Connection site, a fantastic site packed with resources and information on the various Adobe products, including ColdFusion (of course).

Adobe Developer Connection

Congratulations to the web team for a great update to the site.

ColdFusion Developer Center

As an extra bonus, the latest article on the ColdFusion Developer Center page is entitled "Moving from Dreamweaver to ColdFusion Builder", written by yours truly. It's an article that was finished a few months ago, but was held back in preparation for the site relaunch, and so i'm very happy to see it up and out there.

Although the title references a transition from Dreamweaver specifically, the article is for any ColdFusion developer using any IDE for the day-to-day workflow who may be wondering why they should switch to ColdFusion Builder; what are the benefits? What would you gain?

If you are considering switching to ColdFusion Builder (assuming you haven't already), have a look at the article as I'm sure the features available to you within Builder will help you make your decision to switch to an IDE developed especially for you and your coding language.

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