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Raise money and win a copy of ColdFusion Builder

Aug 24, 2010

For any who have not yet seen, Russ Johnson (@russ_johnson on Twitter) fellow ColdFusion ACP, community member and all-round good-guy is taking up a fantastic personal challenge and raising money for a superb cause at the same time.

Russ will be cycling 150 miles for a fundraising event for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and needs your help! For every $5 donation you make to sponsor the bike ride, your name will be entered into a prize draw with the chance to win a copy of ColdFusion Builder (which includes Flash Builder 4 Standard); $20 donated and you'll be entered into the draw four times.

Check out the official post on Russ' site, and drop him a few $$. You can do without that seventh frappuccino today.

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