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Speaking at MAX 2010

Jun 22, 2010

I am incredibly delighted to announce that I'll be attending the annual Adobe MAX conference this year in Los Angeles.

Together with my 'partner in developmental crime' Andy Allan, we will be presenting a lab session: "Search Made Easy: Full-Text Document Search with ColdFusion".

In this lab, we'll showcase and guide attendees through configuring and using ColdFusion with the Solr search interface, how to build collections, the benefits of using Solr over Verity, and finishing off with a slick user interface to sit on top of the search application.

This is my first time at MAX, and so I'm thrilled to not only be attending, but also presenting and getting to meet as many other developers as I possibly can within the four days.

Bring on October, and bring some sniffing salts, because what we have to show you will blow you of your feet.

To find out more about the sessions and speakers at MAX, visit the website.

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