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Speaking at Scotch On The Rocks 2010

Mar 12, 2010

Another year, another Scotch on the Rocks - with a twist.

We're going with a movie theme this year, so we're looking forward to people attending "SOTR - The Movie".

We've got an incredibly strong, feature-rich, fun-packed set of topics and sessions this year, and some fantastic speakers coming over to join in the SOTR fun; we've released details that Ray 'Darth Vader' Camden and Ben 'Terminator' Nadel will be with us, to many an excited ColdFusion developer, and we'll be releasing more details on other speakers very soon.

For this year, I've taken on the guise of 80's time-travelling legend Marty McFly, and I'm working on a session I hope will be interesting and exciting - 'Getting started with Adobe AIR (aka how to build cool shit)'

Marty McFly aka coldfumonkeh

For more details on the conference, speakers, sessions and more importantly to book your tickets, make sure you visit the official Scotch on the Rocks site.

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