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SOTR 2010 Wordpress Plugin

Feb 21, 2010

The badgers are on the march again, and the 2010 Scotch on the Rocks conference will be with us very soon.

To celebrate and to promote the event, I have developed a Wordpress widget plugin for any WP blog users out there.

The plugin allows the user to select which SOTR10 badge they wish to display on the site, and will place it into the sidebar.


To install the plugin, simply upload and unzip the archive file into the wp-content/plugins directory on your site, and activate the plugin from the plugin list in the Wordpress admininstration section.

Applying the widget to the sidebar is a case of dragging it into the sidebar placeholder.

Install the SOTR 2010 Widget

To customise the widget, you can add an optional title, which will display above the image.

Select from one of the pre-defined images to display on your site, and change the image dimensions to suit and to fit into the look and feel of your blog.

Edit the SOTR 2010 Widget

That's all there is to it!

If you have a Wordpress blog, make sure you download the plugin and put it to good use.

Guust Nieuwenhuis has developed a similar plugin for Mango Blog users, which you should definitely grab if you run Mango Blog.

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