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Centaur and Bolt Uncensored

Jul 10, 2009

This Monday, 13th July, at 12:00pm US EDT, a special session of the CF Meetup online group will be held.

This session, presented by Terry Ryan, the Platform Evangelist for Adobe ColdFusion, is titled "Centaur and Bolt Uncensored".

The 1-2 hour presentation promises to reveal all of the features currently shared on ColdFusion 9 and Bolt (or ColdFusion Builder), and much more. Terry assures that nothing will be held back in this presentation.

As always, the presentations will be recorded for later viewing, but try not to miss the live presentation, as it will be a unique chance to get your questions answered and to hear any news first.

More details can be found on the official ColdFusion Meetup page. Don't miss out!

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