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IE6 Alpha PNGs are messing with Google Maps

Feb 2, 2009

I. Am. Having. A. Nightmare.

I'm being owned this evening by IE6 compatability issues. If I had my way, every website in the world would have a badge on it, forcing all users to switch to Firefox.

I've been wrestling with a site nearing completion, but trying to fix issues with Alpha Transparency on CSS controlled images as backgrounds. I cannot seem to find a fix that works. At all.

The application also uses a Google Map interface. However, this is causing issues in IE6 when I viewed it this evening. The maps loads up as it should, but the pointer and the control (zoom & pan) icons aren't showing. I realised this was because they too are png images.


GoogleMap Firefox


GoogleMap IE6

I want to do very bad things to IE6 developers right now, and to all IE6 users.

Burn them. Burn them all. **

If anyone knows of a way or has successfully managed to implement a fix for png alpha transparency for Internet Exploder 6, please share the wealth and knowledge. I've tried using by Dean Edwards with no luck, as well as Supersleight by Drew McLellan.

I appreciate any help you guys could offer. Thank yoooouuu

**note - if you are reading this on an IE6 browser, please don't be scared. I wont burn you. Thank you for reading to the end. Enjoy your day. I'll make you a cup of tea.

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