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a developers guide (to making tea)

Nov 13, 2008

As it was my turn to make a round of tea, a colleague decided to make a use case for the process to make sure all went smoothly. I attach it below so that others can use it and to avoid mistakes.

  1. User collects cups (or other drinking receptacles)
  2. User places cups* in makeshift tray
  3. User descends to kitchen carrying tray of cups
  4. User enters kitchen
  5. Check kettle for water
    • If no water, fill with adequate amount for available cups
    • If sufficient water present, go to step 6
  6. Start boiling the kettle
  7. Rinse (wash) cups
  8. Prepare tea/coffee for each cup as required
    • 1 tea bag per cup, or
    • 1-2 teaspoons of coffee
  9. Add boiling water
  10. Add sugar (if required)
  11. Add milk
  12. Place cups back in tray
  13. Return to 4th floor with tray
  14. Distribute drinks

Success: All users receive correct drink

Failure: Every other result

*'cups' refers to all drinks receptacles currently in use

A very useful document, I think you'll agree.

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