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GallerificPlus jQuery Plugin

Oct 14, 2008

I am very proud and excited to introduce my first jQuery plugin: GallerificPlus

GallerificPlus is a dynamic photo gallery with built in Lightbox functionality, and originates from the fantastic Gallerific and the jQuery Lightbox plugins.  I welcome any feedback or comments on how to improve this plugin, and a massive thank you to Trent Foley and Leandro Vieira Pinho for their original plugins.

21/09/2009 Update: Released v 0.4

  • Added support for jquery 1.3.2 and autoPlay feature

31/03/2009 Update: Released v 0.3

  • Added keyboard navigation option to main gallery

10/13/2008 Update: Released v 0.2

  • Added keyboard functions for image scrolling within lightbox overlay

10/09/2008 v 0.1

  • Initial working development release, combining the two plugins

GallerificPlus UI

GallerificPlus with Lightbox

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