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Don't Get Caught Out By Minor Technicalities

Oct 13, 2008

I need more coffee.. or a beer.. or both

Today I fell for a really stupid problem, which just goes to show how easy it is to not spot the simple issues.

I'm currently working on a FLEX AIR application alongside two other developers. After importing the project files from CVS and into Flex Builder, the AIR application would not run, and I could not run the debugger either.

The solution, it turns out, was really simple. I was still running Flex Builder 3, and my colleagues were running 3.0.1. The difference between the two was the namespace used in the application descriptor xml file. Version 3.0.1 uses, whereas version 3 uses A small technicality, but it had us stumped for the morning.

Simply changing the namespace meant that the AIR app would run from within Flex builder. Rest assured, I am now updating to version 3.0.1. Now, where's that coffee jar...

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