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Step 1 - regain health and quit the sticks

Sep 9, 2008

It has begun.

I've written a list. A list of things I would like to achieve before I turn 30, and I have started to work on some of the items on the list. The most obvious one, which kind of has an impact on everything else on the list, is to stop smoking.

Quit SmokingFinancially, quitting would mean that there would be approx an extra £150+ per month spending money. That's £150+ that could be used towards travel, equipment, bills, paying off debts, savings, car... anything else other than cigarettes.

In regards to my health, it's the most obvious step forward. Cut out the one thing that is 100% killing me. It's stupid. I'm not preaching, I've smoked on and off for over 10 years now (more on than off, sadly), but why..

WHY do something that you know kills you..?

I had quite before, and for almost three years I felt the healthiest I ever had in my life. I was going to the gym three+ times a week, circuit training, running 15km a week, yoga, body combat classes, swimming. I know the benefits of stopping, but equally I know how difficult it is to stop.

After a rocky weekend of on-off smoking, yesterday I took the plunge, and am focusing on quitting 100%. No half-deals, no "rewards" of a smoke at the end of the day. Full-on quitting. It's one step closer to the aim of improving life, and the well-being of not only me but others around me.

Bring it on. I'm ready. :)

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