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Found just in time...

Aug 13, 2008

For a while now, our daily car has been suffering from a strange noise, especially audible when reversing. A sort of "clunk-screech" affair. The suspension has also been noticeably lacking in actual suspension. The tracking has been off, and I tested it the other day driving along, releasing the wheel and watching the car steer itself tightly to the left of the road. "That's not right", we thought. We decided it was certainly time to get it resolved and fixed after a "ping" sound came from the car when it was being driven - the sound every driver hates - that of a piece falling off. *gulp*

It turns out upon closer inspection that one of the bolts on the suspension has come loose, possibly sheared off, which would explain a lot! It also looks like the matching bolt on the other side has taken it's fair share of abuse as well, and isn't too far off giving up and falling out. This is pretty scary.

Yes, I know. I should have looked into this earlier. Driven with more care. Done something. I always get scared when it comes to cars and mechanics, or more importantly the cost of the repairs. Mind you, that's something I'm trying to get over with great aplomb with my MGB restoration. Needless to say, it's being dealt with, and we should hopefully have a working car back on the road again by Friday.

I'm just grateful that no one was hurt, or that the suspension didn't fall off halfway along the motorway on one of my weekly long journeys. Thank you cosmos. Thank you muchly.

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