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Why I don't need an iPhone... but I still want one

Aug 4, 2008

I'm a slut for the Apple. I'll admit that. There are 7 iPods of some variation and generation in our household. Two of them are mine. I don't listen to them as much as I used to (I've found that old age has meant that my concentration diminishes the more I listen to loud music) but it's always by my side, ready for action.

Bring on the iPhone. Always a thing of beauty, I waited for the 3G version to be released, knowing from experience and history that Apple are sure to release an improved version of a product not long after releasing the flagship model (take the iPod mini for example. About 8 months after it's initial release, the real 'mini' version was released).

iPhone.. who needs it

In the meantime, I got a new contract on 02, and got myself a Nokia N95. This phone has been a Godsend, and has made it a must have for me. Now that the new iPhone is here I was tempted to upgrade, but realised that the N95 can do pretty much everything that the iPhone can. I can get my email on the phone. Maybe not a true 'push' application, but I can get it. I have full web access, and thanks to the wi-fi capability, I don't have to pay extortionate data transfer fees for any of it, as long as I'm within an open wi-fi zone. It has an 8Gb memory card, matching the smaller version of the iPhone. I can watch videos, read news feeds, and I can update my twitter, youTube, Flickr and Facebook profiles from within ONE application (Shozu).

Sure, it doesn't have the sexy coverflow album art display, or the true touch screen dynamics (that finger control on the iPhone is amazing) but installing the rotateMe application will cure any major desire for rotating the screen using the phone's built in accelerometer.

For me, the best and most-used "cant-live-without" application on the N95 is the built-in podcasting app. Using this, I can subscribe to my favourite podcasts, and update them to get new content downloaded directly to my phone while I'm on the move. Yes, the iPhone has all of that and more I'm sure, but with the two iPods I already have, and this phone which has pretty much everything I need on it, I am trying to console myself and be happy with the fact that I don't need to upgrade or chuck it in just yet.

But I still want one.. ;)

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