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Acrobat 9 - PDF 2.0

Jul 3, 2008

I've had the pleasure of using and testing a BETA version of Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, the latest version of Acrobat.

This is a fantastic pdf authoring tool, giving the user much more control over creating forms, comments and drafts. Some of the main features I love:

  • The portfolio - you can create a stunning (even from the templates included) dynamic animated portfolio/presentation from multiple files, one method of delivery is in a CoverFlow style carousel.
  • Web page pdf - you can create pdf's or snapshots (for use as standalone pdf files, or within the presentation or portfolio modes). These can be complete web pages, or you can select portions of the page and save those into a new file.
  • Real-time work share - you can send invitations to a colleague to join a chat, where you can both discuss and work on the same pdf, following the other person's cursor and changes live on screen
  • Presentation - Acrobat 9 now has the same functionality as the cfpresentation tag within ColdFusion 8, allowing for fantastic interactive, media-rich presentations

All in all, a fantastic little (not so small, the file size is huge) package, that just keeps getting better and better. Macromedia is dead. Long live Adobe.

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