Scotch on the Rocks European Tour 2009

It has been an exciting month so far for Flex, AIR and ColdFusion developers:

and undoubtedly many many more things that I have been unable to keep up with (hey, I'm a busy man)

So, what's left in October?

October 19th sees the start of the two-week long European Tour for Scotch on the Rocks, Europe's biggest ColdFusion conference (courtesy of the guys at Fuzzy Orange), and the first time it has been taken outside of the UK!

Tour details are as follows:

Tickets are absolutely free for each leg of the tour, so excuses for non-attendance are limited. You can register for tickets here.

There are some fantastic sessions lined up for each leg of the tour from some amazing speakers and members of the community

- oh, and I'll be speaking at Brussels and London too.

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