end of week blowout

NOTE: The audio file is no longer available.

An extended Friday edition of monkehRadio to help ease you in to the weekend.

Episode three is here to enjoy.

Remember to support artists and their art.

Track listing:

  1. "The Joker and the Thief" - Wolfmother
  2. "Wreck Me" - Maya
  3. "Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel
  4. "S.L.U.T" - Todd Rundgren
  5. "Spirit of Radio" - Rush
  6. "Hallelujah" - Paramore
  7. "Mother, We Can't Get Enough" - The New Radicals
  8. "Underground" - Ben Folds Five
  9. "Let My Love Open The Door" - Pete Townsend
  10. "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" - Tears for Fears
  11. "Fall At Your Feet" - China Drum
  12. "Imagine This" - Wax Audio
  13. "The Great Escape" - Boys Like Girls
  14. "Summertime" - Brother Love

Voiceovers and ID's courtesy of the awesome http://jamesallenvoice.com/ (@JamesAllenVoice)

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