Guardian Open Platform API CFC

UPDATE TWO - a revised post has been made to reflect changes made to the API, and it's been updated (finally):

UPDATE - the CFC is now available for download from riaforge project page here:

Woot! A new API has been announced today ('Guardian launches Open Platform tool to make online content available free').

The service, called Open Platform, 'will allow partners to reuse content and data for free and weave it "into the fabric of the internet"'.

Oh, and yes, there is a CFC wrapper available for it already. :)

It's amazing how quickly you can code something when you have reusable, modular code. From reading the announcement a little over two hours ago, the component took 15 mins to create and compile. For an initial version of a CFC wrapper, that's not a bad turnaround time. :)

Posted to riaforge within the last few minutes, as soon as it's approved, I'll post the download URL.

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