ColdFusion 9 - available now

ColdFusion 9 is now available to download and purchase from the Adobe ColdFusion site.

The much anticipated release of the latest version of ColdFusion contains many new and exciting enhancements that further extend the functionality of the existing server-side application, and increase the interoperability between ColdFusion and external applications.

New features include:

I am sure that the latest release of ColdFusion will prove to be an amazing tool. It certainly seems as though the Platform Developers and Evangelists have listened to the ColdFusion community to bring them a product they want, with new features that will optimise their development time and enhance the applications generated.

"We probably should have called it 'Cool Fusion'" - Ben Forta

Personally, I am incredibly excited about the deeper integration into Flex and AIR applications, and using ColdFusion as a Service - this will open up a lot more functions and server-side functionality to use within the RIA products, and allow for a richer experience in any applications developed.

If you haven't already obtained the trial editions of ColdFusion 9 or ColdFusion Builder, make sure you grab a copy. Installation is easy, quick and painless, and the obvious joy of developing with ColdFusion will become even more apparent.

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