CFCamp 2014 Day Two

CFCamp 2014

Monkeh Works are at CFCamp in Munich and will be posting notes of sessions attended throughout the day.

Thanks to for organising this great event and for all of the sponsors for, well, sponsoring it.

Day 2

This is the brain dump from day two of the CFCamp conference and notes taken throughout the sessions attended. Notes from day one (20th October) are available to read here.

Make of them what you will.

Hidden Gems in ColdFusion 11 - Charlie Arehart

Best Practices are Best, Except When They're Not - Nolan Erck

Event Gateways - Gert Franz

Get Grulping with JavaScript Task Runners - Matt Gifford

The BEST session ever. Mind you we would say that as it's a Monkeh Works presentation.

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