CFCamp 2014 Day One

CFCamp 2014

Monkeh Works are at CFCamp in Munich and will be posting notes of sessions attended throughout the day.

Thanks to for organising this great event and for all of the sponsors for, well, sponsoring it.

Day 1

This is the brain dump from day one of the CFCamp conference and notes taken throughout the sessions attended. Notes from day two (21st October) are available to read here.

Make of them what you will.

There's also an Oculus Rift here so chances are that will be played with at some point today.

CommandBox - Luis Majano

This, for me, was the standout session of the day. Notes follow.

The embedded server management is very powerful. This may replace Vagrant boxes for my local CF development.

With the inclusion of the Commandbox recipes team development management will be much easier, quicker and simpler to manage.

Share a recipe with your team so they can fire up a local environment (including app creation with one file and one command.

If you havent checked out CommandBox yet, do so now. Awesome stuff (once again) form Luis, Brad and the team at Ortus Solutions.


OO with ColdFusion - Kris Korsmo

A very detailed talk from Kris as an introduction into OOP development with CFCs and ColdFusion. It was good to see encapsulation, inheritance and IoC covered in one (short) intro session.

I really enjoyed Kris's talk and presentation style - it was very casual, friendly and communicative - and having the interactive slides with running CF code on the localhost meant that examples were available to show attendees. Nice touch.

There is also a FANTASTIC book out there to help you with your understanding of OOP:

Preside CMS - Alex Skinner

Trust Nothing: a simple guide to debugging ColdFusion code - Gerry Gurevich

This was a great session. It may have seemed as though it was stating the obvious with some of the techniques but ALL of this is important and not really used in the most effective way possible by a good number of developers.

Use your CF framework to help debug your CF application.

Monitor, Troubleshoot & Protect Your CF/Railo Servers with FusionReactor 5 - Charlie Arehart

The more I see of FusionReactor the more impressed I am with it. It's level of logging and detail available to view is very impressive.

If only there was a cloud version too... ahem

The next Javascript, ECMAScript 6 for those still using 3.1 and awaiting 4.0 - Matt Bourke

Railo - Gert Franz

Not attended but wanted to follow up on:

Asynchronous Processing with CF and RabbitMQ - Markus Schneebeli

Notes taken by Nolan Erck

So, you want to "put Facebook on your site" (or app)? - Kai K├Ânig

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